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Vista looks like a glass blower threw up

By Oz_Media ·

Looking at the Vista screen shots, I am no longer eager to see it in action, not that I really was before.

looks like they have taken XP and added transparency to the UI, when is Windoze gonna get the fact that making it look better doesn't make it better?

It's like Xp, step 1 of an XP install is to shut off th eoverly pretty GUI and use classic, shut off the menu transitions and reduce the menu delay speed, THEN ou can get down to streamlining and securing it.

What is with the eye candy, and the focus on showin Camera types used for the picture files etc.

Why doesn't Ms just team up with Epson and make photo software or something, it seems they want to be a design suite lately, not an operating system.

Man, every time I boot my 2K notbook it looks better and better to me. No more BS please, I like to USE my computer, not watch it.

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