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    Vista Loses Network Comms


    by kimthebutcher ·

    Hi guys,

    I’m having a hell of a time trying to sort this issue out, perhaps i can get some feedback/assistance?? The issue i’m having is this:

    A predominantly vista-workstation network, around 140 machines, generally all running SP2 (i say generally as we have around 10 or so XP machines in the environment)..Now, the issue is that out of the blue, 8 or so workstations lose ALL network comms (symptoms: vista networking icon has exclamation mark, cannot interact with the NIC (i.e. cannot release/renew IP, cannot ping any network address, cannot disable/enable NIC in device manager, cannot repair through windows) – pretty much the only way to workaround issue is a reboot. Generally, on these machines this happens around 2-3 times per day (only affecting the 10 PC’s) – but sometimes, we have seen this happen up to every hour on a workstation, even more.

    What i have tried to fix this:
    Updating NIC drivers
    Turning off ALL power saving on NIC
    Disabling the RSS feature
    Disabling the TCP chimney/TOE
    Swapping switch ports (generally all workstations are on different switches though)
    swapping patching

    Another odd thing is, they are all from different Dell Optiplex machines, 3 or so are 330 models, the rest are 760’s – BOTH models have different NICs (broadcom and intel) but are affected in EXACTLY the same way. This leads me to think of a software issue – it’s just extremely hard to pinpoint as the only commonality are the effects this has on the PC’s!!

    Any feedback or advice is welcome!


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