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By dunntoon ·
I have just purchased 2 new machines that run Vista Business, I have added them to our win sbs 2003 server network.... I have joint them to the domain ok and can login without any problems but if I map network drives from the server then the problems begin. I can map them without any trouble but after a reboot these drives then become disconnected and ask for a user name and password??

Any ideas?

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Welcome to the ranks of being a paying M$

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vista Networking

Beta Tester of Vista. You have 2 options here maybe 3 but personally I wouldn't put much faith in the third option.

Option 1 Ring M$ give then the company Credit Card Number and ask your question. You'll get charged at 15 second intervals even when you are on hold and are likely to be told that everything is working OK and if the problem persists ring back.

Option 2 Ask on the Vista Community Web Site supported and Hosted by M$ here

Not sure what the advice is like as most seems to be coming from other users and M$ is only monitoring to see what problems they have introduced and need fixing.

Option 3 Ring the suppliers of the new machines and ask them for a solution but as they will have had Bugger All Experience with Vista they are also unlikely to be of any assistance.


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