vista not connecting in domain

By aravindkalidas ·
i upgraded Vista Buisness from Xp pro.
but i am not able to connect in a Domain .

showing the Error No user Session Key for the Logon

Please help me regerding the issue

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If you bought the Upgrade Version of Vista

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to vista not connecting in d ...

Ring M$ and demand that they find out a work around for you as that's their problem and they need to fix it ASAP.

There is the M$ Hosted Windows Vista Community here

Who may be able to offer some help but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting if I was you.

Just dump Vista and go with XP Pro till all of the bugs are worked out of Vista and then it just might be usable if business decides to support M$'s new offering to the market. Currently I'm not sure which way things are going to go as M$ has already Pissed Off most of the Business Community and with the restrictive Practises that will eventually accompany Vista I'm not sure if too many business are willing to live with M$ acting as Big Brother dictating to them what they can and can not use.


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