Vista PC disappears with new hub

By skris88 ·
I have a client using a broadband router with a 4 port hub/switch and they moved to a similar device provided by their new ISP. Apart from the fact these devices are a couple of years old and that the new one includes WiFi, both are similar (ADSL, router, switch).

One PC is on W2K, the other on XP and the 3rd is Vista. A folder is shared on the Vista for the others to access.

The funniest thing is, that even with the ADSL ignored, when their 3 PCs are connected to the old router W2K and XP can see the shared folder on the Vista PC but not when connected to the new router!

All PCs are DHCP so it can't be any static IP address. I even went so far as to disable IPV6 on the Vista box.

The ISP suggested I hit the reset switch on their new router but it didn't make any difference.

Anyone with any ideas will be my godsend.



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Have you tried plugging the Vista computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista PC disappears with ...

Into a Known working Socket on the Router?

It is possible that the Router has faulty sockets in it.

Then how was the old unit setup Vista has different Networking protocols to the older Windows OS's so it's quite possible that the Old Router was modified when the Vista computer was added.


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Try a different port.

by skris88 In reply to Have you tried plugging t ...

Yeah, I swapped ports (3 PCs and it's a 4 port router). No difference.

The 'firewall' filters are on ALLOW ALL for LAN and DENY ALL for WAN on both the old and new routers - identical so it shouldn't matter.

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Change Vista DHCP get settings

by skris88 In reply to Have a look here




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Your welcome :) <NT>

by Jacky Howe In reply to Change Vista DHCP get set ...

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