Vista PC does not recognize any keyboard

By jabbkg ·
Yesterday my emAchines t5062 stopped recognizing any keyboards.

Had Microsof wireless keyboard in place, running fine. On next boot, did not take keyboard input (does note "see" keyboard at all during boot, so can't enter F2 or F10 and go into BIOS, etc.). Tried (known to b good) wired keyboard--same thing. Used VIsta accessibility options to turn on on-screen keyboard, which allows me to enter password for Vista and get in and poke around using mouse. Poke-around in COntrol Panel shows msft intellitype keyboard working properly.

Clearly does not seem to be a problem with pins on wired connector since wireless USB msft keyboard not seen either. Not a VISTA problem as keyboard is not even recognized during boot-up (before VISTA loads). Also tried a system restore from a couple days ago but that also is VISTA/windows settings--does not affec this.

COuld this be a bios problem? If so--how can I correct it as I can't exit to bios during boot without a keyboard!

Help! Any clue what the problem is and how to fix it (given that I don't have access to a keyboard during boot-up--on-screen keyboard is only available IN Vista).

Any help appreciated. Am typing this from another machine.

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Try resetting the CMOS

by NickNielsen In reply to Vista PC does not recogni ...

You can do this on most machines by removing the cover and finding the CMOS backup battery on the motherboard. Remove the battery and leave it out for five minutes or longer. Reinstall the battery and reboot.

If there is no hardware problem, your PC should now recognize a PS/2 wired keyboard.

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Thanks--this worked!

by jabbkg In reply to Try resetting the CMOS

Thanks a lot--this worked and I am back running normally again!

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Glad I could help

by NickNielsen In reply to Thanks--this worked!

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