Vista + Sleep + Network Connection =

By fleury29 ·
Its been months now since I installed vista. I love it and can deal with the tiny quarks it has. On thing I am having trouble dealing with tho is the fact that every time I come out of sleep I must reset my internet connection. It complains about not being able to reach the DNS. I have tried it on both a wired, and wireless connection. Both are running with the most up-to-date drivers and I have all the Vista updates, including SP1. I have the "power management" options turned off but no avail. I have had several fresh installs and it does the same thing every time.

I am running:
Vista x64 Ultimate
NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
D-Link WDA-2320 Desktop Adapter

Any Ideas?!

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And what is the DHCP Server here?

by OH Smeg In reply to Vista + Sleep + Network C ...

Start off by setting static addressing and maybe that will help here.

But it really depends on what is issuing the DNS and so on on your LAN. I don't think that this is to do with Vista but with what you are using for your Network. If this computer can not reach what issues the DNS that would appear to be the problem whatever is issuing the DNS on your LAN.

Of course if you where to stop this computer going to sleep it would retain the existing Address and when it wakes up again wouldn't have a problem with being unable to connect to the same one or get new addresses.

So look at the DLink Settings here and the NVidia Network Drivers and then if you care to list your M'Board Makers Name & Model we may be able to offer some help but you really need to remember that this site is for working IT Professionals and Vista as well as the 64 Bit version of it isn't high on our priories as it's not a thing that many of use are supporting or will be for a very long while to come if ever.

If M$ follow their own Press Releases most of us will be bypassing Vista and working with Windows 7 which is supposed to be made for business, well at least when Vista was released that is I'm not sure about now.


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