Vista Premium & FTP

By wdp44 ·
I just installed Vista Premium and my FTP will not connect to the FTP server. When running XP pro SP2 I had no problem, but I have tried SmartFTP, CuteFTP and IE cmd line all with the same results. (I cannot logon in) ...
Is there a setting I'm missing or has anyone else had this problem ... I have had no other problems using Vista ...


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With anything Vista you really only have 3 options

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vista Premium & FTP

1 Ring M$ Technical Support and pay to be told that this doesn't work with this version of Vista.

2 Post a Question on the M$ Supported Windows Vista Community

3 Backup all your data use a wiping program to wipe the HDD and install XP and use that till M$ gets Vista to work properly.


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