Vista Printing Problems Again

By christopher.johnson ·
Hi all.

Dell Laptops
Dell Workstation
OS Vista, both with and without SP1
Server is Server 2003
Printers: Toshiba eStudio/HP 7210 MFP
Drivers are up to date

Installed network printers on laptop and workstation works for a period of time, between 1 and 2 weeks but for some reason the Vista Print Spooler shuts down and I need to go through the routine of removing the drivers and altering the registry. This is not a resolution that works for any length of time.

In addition to the problem above, two of my users take their laptops home and connect to their own printers. Since the above problems started they experience one if not both of the following symptoms:

a) The home printer, both are USB driven HP, does not register with the laptop when plugged in and when attempting to print, the ?No Printers Installed? error is reported. On checking for available printers nothing is displayed in the list. All printers are removed, even those added as network printers

b) The printer works but when the user returns to the office all printers are missing from the list and need to be added.

Another user does not take his laptop home but still receives the print spooler error. I also experience this error even though mien is a desktop unit. Initially it was reported as a problem with the Toshiba Colour print drivers but these have been updated to the latest versions which have been developed to work with Vista.

I am at a loss with this one and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Quite a few interesting things here:

by seanferd In reply to Vista Printing Problems A ...
Apparently, adding printers as Local then changing to Network seems to help in several cases. Group policy may be having an effect on the spooler service, and the ability for client machines to access it. Is there a policy propagated every so often that may account for this?

edit: Static IP for printers may help, at home as well as at work. HP also has an updated universal driver for printers with Vista problems.

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checked and Rechecked

by christopher.johnson In reply to Quite a few interesting t ...


Thanks for posting. I have checked that the GPO does not affect the printer settings, the three printers in house use static IP. The problem exists primarily with the Laptops and not the printers.

One of my users left the office Wednesday able to print as normal, he was out for yesterday for meeting but could not print to his home printer as it was not recognised when the USB cable ws plugged in. He has returned to the office and he now doesn't have any printers at all.

I have just been informed that another user whos laptop does nto leave the office has just stopped printing with the spooler error again.

At my wits end


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Vista Printing Problems

by david.amos In reply to Vista Printing Problems A ...

I have encountered this at one of our clients, and there are a few possible things this could be.

Do you have printers shared in active directory? If so, switch this off, see if this cures the problem we have had this with both Brother and HP printers (inc USB printers that are shared on a PC).

If this doesn't work, and you cannot track down the printer that caused it (and it is usually just the one, and could be a different printer on each machine), then you may need to look at a reinstall of the machine (system restore does not seem to work once the issue has come about). When reinstalling the printers, any network printers should be set as a local printer, and the TCP/IP port set locally. As a network printer setup on the server can cause havoc via AD.

Let me know how you get on, would love to find a resolution.


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