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    vista problem


    by wmmahjoub ·

    I have toshiba laptop,new one,satellite A200-204 with vista home premium,this laptop hardware it support the 4GB ram according to toshiba specs,I did RAM expention to 4G ram,from BIOS I can see 4096 GB from windows i just can see 3070 GB ram, how i can solve this problem to let windows see it normally?the windows diagnose advised me to upgrad to 4GB which is already installed, ,in this situation is it working as 4GB or not?please advise as soon as possible.

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      by wmmahjoub ·

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      Normal I believe

      by var1016 ·

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      I understand that 32-bit operating systems can only run a maximum of about 3GB Ram (64-bit can run up to 8GB).

      When 4GB is installed Windows (32) will recognise (and use) only what it can manage, in your case 3.07GB. For this reason I have upgraded my RAM only to 3GB


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