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    vista problem-iexplorer not working but still connected to internet


    by uasaydahmat ·

    hi! i live on campus and i’m running vista on my laptop.
    i woke up one morning and iexplorer wasn’t working. I restarted my comp and cleared my browsing history and what not. I had a friend come in and brought my pc to the IT center and no one knows what to do. thought maybe it was a hardware problem but i can access IM programs and it says i’m connected to the internet. I installed firefox, still nothing. i reset all of the settings on iexplorer…tried it with my firewall off. i’m not sure, i went to bed a little before 2am that night and i think my comp. is set to run updates automatically at 2am so i think maybe there was a corrupt vista update or something?
    i really have no idea and now i’ve run out of ideas!
    if someone could help i’d greatly appreciate it!

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