Vista recovery disc not working

By sue43running ·
I downloaded the vista recovery disc and burned it to cd as per your instructions It gets all the way to choosing your operating system to repair and then just stays on attempting repairs and doesnt bring up the dialogue screen with repair restart etc what have I done wrong?

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by robo_dev In reply to Vista recovery disc not w ...

You were you able to choose an install to repair, but it gets stuck trying to do the actual repair?

One possible issue is that the PC is having a difficult time reading the CD, as I've had that happen during a Windows install. So sometimes making a second CD may do the trick.

Another possible issue is that the hard drive is failing, in which case the diagnostic program provided by the drive manufacturer may be useful.

If there is data that you need from this computer, the best strategy would be to remove the drive and install it in a USB-drive enclosure, which would allow you to copy data from it, provided that the drive is working properly.

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Well the Vistas OS Install Disc is a DVD not a CD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista recovery disc not w ...

So if you used a CD that is probably part of the problem here.

But if you burnt this to a DVD and you have altered the system in the past I've run into issues where more RAM has been added and isn't a Perfect Match or is failing. When this happens the System stops reading the Optical Disc and either just hangs or throws up some screwy unrepeatable Error Message.

Well it's possible to repeat an Error but they tend to be different Error Messages things like File X is missing and on the next attempt it will find File X but not another one.

To get around this if the RAM is all OK which you should test with Mem Tester 86 available on the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

Is to remove all but 1 Module of the RAM and then proceed to repair the Install. When it is finished you can refit any extra RAM that you removed previously. Though if there is a Timing Issue with the Different RAM Modules it's quite possible that is why you need to do the repair now.


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