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    Vista Sata Problems (Work around and Fix)


    by zoostation07 ·

    Hi im Dan im new to techrepublic. I used google to search for this fix myself and ended up getting my Sata drive (that was unalocated or wasnt available) to now work in vista.

    I installed vista earlier today without knowing it could of lost the files from my sata drive or worse screwed up my drive completely. As it booted i noticed that the new sata drive wasnt available or anywhere to be seen and in the computer management something was there but there was a fault and it needed to format the drive. First of all, do not format the drive if you have files on it. Its obvious everything you had on it before will be deleted.



    and Run the program from:


    testdisk_win.exe is the application. (Im sorry im explaining this in newbie terms, a lot of people with the problem wont know much about computers to start with)

    after running the “testdisk_win.exe” application and clicking “ok” to the admin rights to run the program, select:

    – [Create]

    Then select the drive that is not accesable

    (in my case it was the biggest drive, you can see the amount in mb that the drives capacity holds)

    Scrool down to the correct drive and click enter.

    Once here select [Intel:] (Pc Partition) or whatever the partition initially was and click enter.

    Now select Analyse.

    Select enter again for quick search.

    Select Y.

    Finally click enter, the program will now find the files oringally on the disk and restore the partition,

    click enter to restore the partition table and finally restart.

    Your drive should now be shown in your computer, you should also be able to access it.

    Hope this helps,


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