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Vista saved my A$$??????

By The Scummy One ·
It is True -- I can hardly believe it myself. Ok Oz, Vista has it's place.

Over the weekend I used Ghost 10 to clone my HDD that was starting to make noise. It hung at 99 percent with 1 second left after a 9 hour copy.
I left it sitting at 1 second for 26 hours, making sure that it was not 'not responding'. Finally I decided to try to clone it in Linux, which seems to work for me.
PCLOS -- my usual choice, could see the HDD, but would not let me partition/format/or really do anything. It could not mount it, nor did the config tool do anything except let me see that it was there. Not listed in the partition tool. dd would not run because of this (not found).
So, I brought it in to work today -- Win XP found the drive but would not let me partition it. Mandriva saw the drive and would not let me partition it. PCLOS -- same thing. Wondering if the drive was bad, but I plugged it into Vista. It found the drive and all of the data that was copied to it as well. Furthermore, I was able to re-partition the drive so that Mandriva could use dd to clone it.
Clone is still running, however I was surprised that XP/Linux failed to be able to re-partition or even delete a partition when it had a hard time determining it. Vista on the other hand not only found it, but I was able to browse the folders as if the drive was setup properly.

Just thought I would share an interesting, but annoying event. It took 4 systems to try to get the disk re-partitioned from a failed ghost clone. Well 2 actually, the other 2 just did nothing. How friggin SAD is that?

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by jimmy-jam In reply to Vista saved my A$$??????

That had to hurt to admit. I'm proud of you Scummy. A lesser man would never have admitted it.

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Funny thing, I was going to

by The Scummy One In reply to :D :D :D

ditch the new drive. I got it 2 years ago in case of a failure, so I could not take it back.
Oh, and I always give credit where do, even if I do not like what was responsible. However, I was surprised at how much better disk management worked in Vista vs. XP.

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Vista Disk Management

by magic8ball In reply to Vista saved my A$$??????

I will say that the disk management is better than XP. On my computer the first drive is an 80GB sata partitioned into 2 40GB drives. I added a new drive for data and using the built in tools was able to resize the first partition after moving the data to the new drive. Now all 80GB is used for the OS and the new drive for the data. Resizing the partition from within the OS was easy and painless.

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Double post

by Oz_Media In reply to Vista saved my A$$??????

My fault this time though

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good to hear that you sorted it out

by Oz_Media In reply to Vista saved my A$$??????

As JJ said, it takes a man to admit it, especially when normally opposed to Vista.

I am not a Vista fanboy by any means, but I think that it does get an unfair rap and the negative comments are usually coming from someone with no time or patience to try it and work with it.

These people will spend ages tweaking and setting up XP just right to have it work for them as they choose, but Vista is a quick install 'nope don't like it' and that's it, followed by negative comments about what garbage it is. Many feel its trendy and cool to follow the masses afterall.

Glad to hear you got your issue sorted, I was unaware of that benefit, another to add to the list I suppose. I have always stood firm that Vista has better system management, but that usually falls upon deaf ears when talking to XP fanboys.

Another great Vista story, thanks.

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I felt that way when Win 95 came out

by jimmy-jam In reply to good to hear that you sor ...

I hated it. It was ugly, I couldn't find anything and it was just plain stupid. How could this pathetic excuse for an OS ever replace Window 3.11 or my beloved Norton Commander?

The only thing constant is change. I wasn't real fond of Vista when it came out either. Still not a big fan of how some things look. But that's just it, looks. I can't judge an OS solely on looks. It seems to work pretty well for the missus. I know this because She is not constantly asking for me for support on it.

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by Oz_Media In reply to I felt that way when Win ...

Good ole Windows for Workgroups. I managed a large call centre and had every seat 250+ set up on individual IP's runnign to a Davox Unison dialler (an entire room full of BIX racks and punch downs).

The tech, that initialy set it all up, was fired and didn't have ANY records of IP's. so if one went down it was a guessing game as ot the IP. You'd get it all set up and woking, then the evening shift would come in and SOMEONE would get a duplicate IP error, #^&#@(#$.

It took me ages to reconfigrue and map it all out properly, then in came Win95, those BA$TARDS!!!

I too cringed at the thought of Vista, but had no choice at the time. i soon learned ot see the merits and started to play with and tweak it, now it is a pretty good OS, no more or less problematic than XP really, in fact I think its a lot smoother out of the box than XP ever has been.

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Well, it only took like

by The Scummy One In reply to good to hear that you sor ...

2 years for me to find something good to say about it :^0
So I had to post it

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Probably that good hard whack when you dropped it. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Vista saved my A$$??????
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Right you are Scummy

by Michael Jay In reply to Vista saved my A$$??????

Vista can be used as a tool, I discovered that last summer with a similar drive problem.

So far I have not found that Vista is really better or worse than XP, just different.

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