Vista Screen Saver lowers screen brightness

By jason_laporte ·
I am running Vista Ultimate on my Thinkpad T61P laptop. I am running a performance max energy saving power profile. All display brightness s 100% at all times. When my machine enters screen saver mode it lowers the display brightness to the lowest setting. I am running photo slideshow as my screen saver and so it looks terrible. I thought it might be a problem with vista's screen saver so I downloaded gphotoshow screensaver and it does the same thing. As soon as I resume from screensaver my screen brightness goes back to 100%. I've adjusted every setting I can find in my laptop and power management settings.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Mmm ~ "performance max energy saving power profile"...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Vista Screen Saver lowers ...

The question here is - which words are joined together?

Performance+Max, then Energy+Saving?

That would suggest that when you are actually DOING something, you get maximum performance (including screen brightness) - but when you're NOT DOING something and you've walked away and you're not touching the keyboard and you're running on battery power, the screen brightness is reduced to conserve power.

That sounds about right to me, so where's your problem?

If you want your screensaver to illuminate a medium sized room, I suggest you turn off all power management profiles. Of course, if you're running on battery power - you may return to a dead computer sitting in a dark room.

If you want maximum battery power, kill the screensaver completely and set the monitor to power-down after a few minutes of inactivity. The screen on a laptop is responsible for over 65% of expended battery power.

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