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Vista Smacked down by headset

By druuzil ·
Here is a prime example of why Vista is crap: I was trying to setup Teamspeak so I could chat with my fellow gamers in EVE Online. By simply plugging in the microphone jack, Vista went to a lovely blue screen of death. Windows would not even load again with the microphone plugged in.


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Well, I'm not surprised by this at all

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Vista Smacked down by hea ...

I just wonder how many suckers have yet to see Vista **** up in their face because they rushed to buy this piece 'o' crap from Micro$oft.

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by josh_trow In reply to Well, I'm not surprised b ...

I had no trouble using a headset in Counter Strike. Once I swapped the audio output to the headphone/mic setting instead of speakers, it all went well. Even with parts swapping, all kinds of programs, and other fun stuff like that, I haven't bluscreened since I tried to replace default video drivers for nVidia with the betas from the site (not long after it came out, sometime in March I think).

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But is that

by GhostBrowser In reply to Well.....

Just because of your hardware
Which may not tell us any thing
As far as vista is concerned

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Many "suckers" as you so quaintly put it...

by ivefallen In reply to Well, I'm not surprised b ...

have TRULY yet to see Vista "**** up in their faces". Count me amongst one of those "suckers". It's okay if you don't particularly like Vista or Microsoft that's cool. Really. No one expects you to. But you refering to those who choose to use Vista as "suckers" is very 8th grade.

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No Suckers here

by Neil Higgins In reply to Many "suckers" as you so ...

Been using business edition for a while.True,I had to get Vista audio codecs,from a well known site,to get sound.But so far all is well.
No Jack-in-the-box antics here.

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customers have little choice....

by davidfacer In reply to No Suckers here

Suckers, you call em? That implies that end-users actually have a choice. The week before Micro$oft released Vista, they offered a buy-back deal to all the wholesalers in Australia on all existing stocks of XP etc. This was not taken up by all dealers, but enough did to make finding a legal XP licence very difficult to find come Monday morning when retail Vista was released. If the only thing on offer is Vista, where is the choice? Just for this action I detest MS and all it stands for.

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yes they do

by ragwing In reply to customers have little cho ...

There is always a choice, there are many other O/S out there and some a lot better and free as far as I am concerned.
Download and try one of them out.

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Plenty of choices available.....

by Quasar Kid In reply to customers have little cho ...

The last time I checked, you live in a free country. If you don't like Microsoft then don't but their products. Very simple.

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Nothing is free

by bill In reply to Plenty of choices availab ...

Microsoft has choked or killed off any real competition. What they produce is pure crap.

1) 'C' is WORSE than Basic. If you had been around you would know Basic was attacked mostly for being ''unstructured''. 'C' DOES NOT INCLUDE forced size/type checking, leading to ENDLESS cases of BUFFER OVERFLOW. (means Viruses and Trojans and crashes) Since ''structure'' constrains the programmer, and 'C' DOES NOT, it should be thrown away before even starting the next generation. Just one example - voice. It's now THIRTY YEARS and we still can't talk to these machines. Go back and read early literature and ask yourself what went wrong. I say it's mostly microsoft.

2) Intel designed their current processors with amazing error-trapping capability. Microsoft, for god only knows what conceivable reason, choose to run RING-ZERO meaning NO ADMINISTRATIVE PROTECTION IS EVEN POSSIBLE. This isn't just incompetent design - it is sheer lunacy. Gates is an idiot. A wealthy idiot.

3) The 'average' computer buyer is totally computer illiterate. So he buys whatever advertising pitch sounds convincing. A con man like Gates, like generations of snake oil salesmen before him, does well when the audience has no tools to evaluate what's being hawked.

4) standards? You think having ONE monopoly in charge means you get standards? They continue to obsolete their own stuff. Look at multimedia - there are over 300 formats, with new ones every week. In twenty years, will you even be able to play whatever you create today? Wanna bet?

So yes, you're ''free' to choose. But you had virtually no say in WHAT you can choose from.

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I'm pretty sure Quasar Kid wasn't talking about MS.

by apotheon In reply to Nothing is free

The way I read it, I think Quasar Kid was suggesting you buy something that doesn't come from Microsoft. QK says you have the choice to not buy MS software, and you start complaining about how bad MS software is and act as though MS software is the entire lineup of choices.

It looks like a tremendous communication disconnect.

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