Vista SP 1 will not get an IP from Cable modem

By Gungnir ·
I am working on a Vista Home Premium system that is fully patched and yesterday it would not longer get an IP Address from the cable modem. I did some checking with my laptop and I was able to get an IP Address from the modem. I dropped a different NIC in to the system and same thing - no IP Address from the Modem - just the APIPA address.

I decided to take the system with me for additional tests, I can have it get a valid IP Address when I attach it to my network but when I try to go direct to my cable modem - same thing APIPA adresss.

I used MSCONFIG to turn off all non MS service and stop all the startup stuff - still no IP when attached directly to the cable modem.

Any ideas beside throwing a router in the connection sequence?

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by jck In reply to Vista SP 1 will not get a ...

1) did you try a different cable?
2) did you look in the cablemodem port to see if perhaps a pin was bent just a hair?
3) Did you do loopback testing?

I assume this is wired.

This is a stumper.

Good luck.

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by Gungnir In reply to hm

I tried 2 different cable and cable modems - even the brands are different. In either case when I attach my laptop to the same cable I get the public 67.XX.XX.XX address on my laptop's NIC. When I place the desktop behind my router, it gets a 192.138.157.XX address. I remove the cable from the router and place it in the cable modem - No DHCP from the modem and the desktop goes to APIPA addressing.

I am thinking that one of his 'security' programs has altered the IP Stack to block public addresses.

At this point I am going to recommend placing a router in the connection sequence.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Vista SP 1 will not get a ...

I would check out your device manager, and make sure there is not a "!" on any NIC devices. Either that or delete them, and reinstall the device. MS could have thrown you an update that installed a different NIC driver with out you realizing it.

Thats the only thing that comes to mind...

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Device manager is clean

by Gungnir In reply to odd...

I triple checked the device manager and no bangs are displayed. It does correctly get an 192.168.157.XX address from my router, so it will correctly do DCHP and the NIC is functional - just will not get a 'public' address from two different cable modems.

As I said in the previous reply - I feel one of the 'security' program installed altered the OS not to accept a public address.


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In the Network and Sharing Console

by CG IT In reply to Vista SP 1 will not get a ...

what's it say for the network? home, work or public?

Is the comp part of a home group?

the network and sharing center is a new thing and can be difficult at times.

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Network & Sharing console

by Gungnir In reply to In the Network and Sharin ...

The Management Console is reporting Unknown since the system is using the APIPA addressing structure.

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Found this on microsoft site

by robo_dev In reply to In the Network and Sharin ...
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KB 928233

by Gungnir In reply to Found this on microsoft s ...

I saw that and edited the registry as edit the registry as per 928233 - did not alter the ability to get an valid routeable IP from either cable modem. Of course that would not explain why it worked for the past 8 months and quit working yesterday.

The second article is more for a network with an actual DHCP Server - not the case here.

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RE: Vista SP 1 will not get an IP from Cable modem

by andrew5859 In reply to Vista SP 1 will not get a ...

I realize your post is 7 yrs old, but if you haven't already found a solution yet, you my want to go wireless and put in a wireless router. Sometmes there software that comes with cable modems and you'd probably have to install that to make sure that you would get a proper IP address. Having a router allows you to expand your home network in more ways than just going with direct wired. I've been in the IT field for 12 yrs and have come to learn a lot of thing in that time. Lynksys and Netgear seem to have some pretty good wireless routers, are very affordable and pretty easy to setup. Hope this helps, let me know.

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