Vista SP-1 won't install

By fselzer1 ·
I've been working with a Microsoft Vista tech, but we can't resolve the problem. Both PCs run Vista Home Premium and I built both using ASUS MBs, and AMD Athlon 64 CPUs. One has 2 Gigs or memory and the other 3 Gigs. Plenty of HD space and current sound and video components -- using Windows Vista approved drivers. All other Vista updates install automatically and I use System Mechanic Pro to clean and Windows Live One Care to protect. On one PC, the SP1 download never shows and on the other, it won't install. I've done a clean boot in prep for install, but the problem continues. The MS tech finally advised me to wait until next month when an updated SP-1 comes out. Do I really need SP-1?

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A paper bag gives more protection than Windows Live One Care...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Vista SP-1 won't install

So I wouldn't go shouting about how safe your systems are. One Care has been slated by professional writers worldwide as being a long-winded. bloated collection of non-performing utilities.

What exactly is a Microsoft Vista tech anyway? If you mean a tech engineer then he/she is just as much in the dark as everyone else.

Any Service Pack, including Vista SP1, loads different component parts to each system it is applied to depending on what 3rd party programs each system already had installed. So any difficulties you may be experiencing has little to do with what hardware components they were constructed from and more to do with what is installed on them.

Given the Windows Live One Care is crap, I would advise that you initially run a decent full-system antivirus scan, then an anti-spyware scan.

I'm rather concerned that you say "On one PC, the SP1 download never shows and on the other, it won't install"

If it never shows, don't you perhaps think it might not be there?
I would think you have an infection of some kind interfering with your online activities/downloads.

You could perhaps do without SP1 but you can't do without adequate system protection.


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My take...

by JamesRL In reply to Vista SP-1 won't install

I installed Vista Home Premium a month ago, knowing that SP1 was coming.

I didn't wait for it to come via auto updates, I went to the updates section of the MS website as soon as it was available.

I will suggest that I found some immediate improvements once it was installed, in terms of speed, especially in terms of networking/downloads, disk to disk backups and general GUI speed.

You may not need it but I suggest you want it.


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