Vista Themes Vanished!

No doubt the result of some act on my part, the Vista theme is nowhere to be found when I go to the panel to change themes.

What to do? Looking for "free" Vista themes on the net seems only to reveal free themes that require some additional software to decompress the "free" themes...

What would the file extension of themes be? That might help find them on another system and bring them over.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Vista Themes Vanished!

The themes here look legit... I'm defiantly going to try a few of them when I get off work today. But check it out, the themes look pretty sweet. I noticed that some of the theme's require you to replace some .dll's, I would recommend renaming them to filename.dll.old or old.filename.dll.. just so you still have it if the theme doesnt go as planned.

I know with hacking the themes in XP, you would have to replace dll's, and its easer to run the "Multi-patcher"... But I have not tried to hack the themes in Vista yet...

Also check out Stardock, they have some sweet toys, some free, and some you have to pay for... I have been using Stardock for years now, and they are legit... thats another avenue you might want to wander down...

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