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I had bought a compaq with window Vista Home Edition, But i don't like the way that vista it is easy to use Xp more than the Vista O/S. So, i likje to know that i sthere any way to change from vista to Xp, Do it will harm my computer while changing it. Coz i know that it is hard to get the driver of the particular system.

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Well it would help if we knew the Model of the Compaq

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista to Xp

Start off by looking here for your Model computer and see if HP list any XP drivers for your system

If they do not you need to Open the Device Manager and make a full list of the Hardware Present and then look for XP Drivers for these Devices. The most important ones will be the Video, SATA and Sound Drivers but depending on the type of computer that this is there may be other XP Drivers that you need to look for that suit your system. Things like LAN, Modem drivers spring to mind but without knowing more it's very hard to say.

As for wiping Vista off the HDD you'll need a Wiping utility like Boot & Nuke available here

You'll also need a XP install Disc of some kind but not a System Makers Recovery Disc as these do not come with a full set of Drivers that ship with XP. The Recovery Disc's only have the Drivers for the hardware present in the system that they where made for so are useless when it comes to loading other hardware with. Of course you'll also need a XP License Key and with Vista Home being present to remain Legit you'll need to buy a XP License as the Homer Version of Vista doesn't have a Backward Compatible License.

Before you start to install XP you'll need to get a full set of Hardware Drivers for your computer and if you don't have a Floppy Drive Available you'll need to either make your own Slipstreamed Disc so you can install XP onto the SATA HDD that is in all new computers. XP doesn't natively support SATA HDD.

TR has this article available on how to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc

you can download it in PDF form from here

Or you can use an application like nLite to make your own Slipstreamed Install Disc for your computer.

However if you do chose to use nLite make sure you read the Guides here

Wiping the HDD will do not harm to the computer and if everything falls in a heap you can always insert the Compaq Recovery Disc and rebuild the system to As New condition.

Of course you should backup all your Data as Plain Data before starting this or you will loose it all.


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See this post for help

by ken In reply to Vista to Xp

read through this posting:

Make sure you can get the drivers from Compaq first.
You must do a fresh install so backup your data first (at least your "Users" folder) then move the data back afterwards

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not at all

by dr_evil In reply to Vista to Xp

This wont hurt your system to do so but i do have some things for you to think about?

if your dead set on changing over to xp then most of the computer manufacturers have already been making models of your system geared with xp drivers. indeed alot of the systems with Vista still use the XP drivers. the transition between XP & Vista had to be gradual and with Vista's Abillity to integrate XP drivers I wouldn't be suprised if most of your system has a good 50% profile on XP drivers.

Your manufacturer will definbately have the drivers or the links from there website, I checked this out for my Toshiba and sure enough the whole lot where there.

what I would consider though is have you given Vista a chance? I hated it when I first used it and this was becasue of the lack of software compatibillity, security as well as other issues but most of all was I was just used to XP!

what you need to remember there are some really good things about vista and the more you get used to it the more you like it.

The other issue is do you really want to be left out in the cold when the software development is geared towards vista wrather than XP? you will be amazed at whats out there now for Vista!

Developers are now shedding the XP cloak and putting all there eggs in the vista basket wether we like it or not so you got a big question? is it really worth the trouble?

With Vista's abillity to use older programms in compatibillity and the birth of new software and development of existing why trouble yourself? you got the best of both worlds.

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