Vista to XP Network Printing Problems

By matt ·
My new Vista laptop crashed a few weeks back so I had restore everything to factory defaults. In doing so I lost all of my printer networking setup. After going back through the maze of getting the networked printer setup on this new laptop, I noticed that when I print any file through the network, everything prints out wrong. What I mean by wrong is that the document I'm printing is repeated across the page in varying sizes of text, most of the text even runs off the right side of the page. One size of the fonts is normal-esque and is gray, while the other font that is overlaying the other font is black and is much larger. I have gone back through to check my printer settings and nothing is abnormal. When I print from the XP desktop everything prints normal. Any thoughts to a remedy??

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A few things to check...

1). Printer software, make sure that the laptop has this on-board.
2). Fonts. Make sure that they are Times Roman. Just for a test see if they come out ok.
3). Page layout, make sure that when/before you print the page is set for A4, and test.
4). Make sure that when you print from your laptop the doc is set for Black text, and test.
5). Make sure that the paper in the printer is not crumbled or off center, replace with fresh paper, and test.
6). Put your printer through a test print stage so that the colours and the blacks come out correct.
7). That should sort it out. :)
. Make sure that you have the update drivers for your printer. >>>>> Out.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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