Vista Ultimate, User Profile for both Home + Work use

By mcgowanpatricia ·
I would be very grateful if you could assist me with the following problem:
I have recently purchased a laptop Dell M90 OS Vista Ultimate, for both Home + Work use.

Home is standalone profile, Work is a Domain controlled (I have ?Standard user? domain rights)
My ?Home? user account say ?MMG? has Administrator facility.
Work account also called ?MMG? initially with ?administration? rights & roaming profile.
After joining the domain, the administrator changed my domain rights from ?administrator? to ?Standard User?
Now when I log on using the domain roaming profile I only have ?Standard user? rights and cannot perform ?Administrator? functions.
My question is:
What do I need to do so I can log on to the work domain with ?Standard User? on the Domain, BUT maintain full local ?Administration? rights on my PC.

Kind Regards
Michael McGowan

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Vista Ultimate, User Prof ...

You need to add your domain user to the local Administrator group on your laptop to get rights for that user.
It cannot just get turned off when joining the domain.
The only other alternative is to create a local account on your laptop with admin rights when you need them and keep your domain user as standard.

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Make yourself a local machine administrator when joined to a domain

by epicns In reply to Vista Ultimate, User Prof ...

What you need to do (when you are in the office) is go to the control panel, choose user accounts, then choose give other users access to this computer. Then add your username and domain name. You need to have your system admin do this, though (or login with admin rights). Once you're added, it's a done deal. This will give you local machine admin rights, but still restrict your rights in regards to the domain.

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