Vista Ultimate won't boot

By Hardware_Jinx ·

After some routine maintenance - anti-virus, malware scans and Windows update - vista ultimate was running smoothly until turning on the next day.
My computer won't load Windows.
Try to fix it using the Vista DVD.

After selecting the "Repair your computer" option, but there's no OS listed in the "System Recovery Options".

Wonder why is the OS missing or do I have to re-install vista?

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What happens when it won't load?

by seanferd In reply to Vista Ultimate won't boot

At what point in the boot process does it fail?

"but there's no OS listed in the "System Recovery Options"."
This is a bit scary.

Can you go into BIOS setup and see if the drive is listed? If not, check that all cabling is properly seated and check again.

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Vista won't boot

by Hardware_Jinx In reply to What happens when it won' ...

Thanks seanferd.

Checked BIOS, drive not listed.
1, will check cable connection,
2, use USB dock on another PC to access the drive.

What other tests can be conducted?

OMG may need new drive!!

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Couple things

by seanferd In reply to Vista won't boot

If you get no joy checking the connection:
Entirely disconnect drive, then boot. Shut down once POST finishes. Reconnect, then reboot. Check BIOS to see if drive is listed.
(Can you hear it spin up?)

Get the drive-test utility from HDD maker at the maker's website. They all have test programs, you may even have received it on a floppy or CD with the drive.

Yes, you can also try accessing the drive in a USB enclosure or by connecting normally to another machine.

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Final verdict - RIP

by Hardware_Jinx In reply to Couple things

Checked all connections.
Un-mount & attach to another PC, drive is spinning but PC can't access it.

Confirm - the drive is dead, returning to Seagate.

Put in a new 1TB WD Black Label, work like a charm.

Thanks for your help!!!

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