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Vista update 938371

By Oz_Media ·
MS has acknowledged an error in update 938371 which makes changes in the mouse.inf. (disabling keyboards and mice connected via bluetooth). Of course they don't explain what changes they are, and they do not provide a download for the new mouse.inf file as a replacement you can just copy and paste back into the system.

In order to replace that update, which can't be individually removed like most of the other Vista updates from what I can find, you either need to roll back the system (pre SP1) or reinstall from the Vista disk (which MOST new computers don't include anymore due to partitioned HD's.

the problem is though, according to MS KB 938371, you NEED that update in order to install SP1 and SP1 will not install until it confirms that the update exists.

Anyone else seen or know of a workaround on this one yet?

NOTE: I already know about Ubuntu, I am not looking for a Linux solution. I know that there is a Questions forum on this site, I am opening up a discussion on it as there seems to be no exact answer. I am wondering if others have seen the issue and what various solutions, if any they have come up with, and again I don't care that XP, Linux or MAC or any other OS don't have the same issue.

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Try Kubuntu or PCLinuxOS

by The Scummy One In reply to Vista update 938371

when their updates screw up, its easy to re-install :^0 :^0

Sorry Oz, my religion made me do it It wasnt even on my mind until you stated the disclaimer

Hey another weird one if anyone knows -- Vista -- after a reboot the fonts in everything changed. Not just the desktop, or anything -- Every font in Every program tried (IE, Outlook, Word, Acrobat, Netmeeting, etc.).
And, the monitor, no matter what setting it is on will not fill the screen,

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by Oz_Media In reply to Try Kubuntu or PCLinuxOS

Does it happen after EACH reboot? If so perhaps the default font/desktop settings are corrupt or missing, had the fonts screw up like that in Win2K too but it was due to a corrupted font file.

Of course you did the obvious and checked your graphics drivers, or did you use the Linux drivers on them by accident. Just can't help myself, can I?

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