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Vista Upgrade Advisor RC a no go?

So here I am trying to find out if I need to make any changes to my system before I load Vista RC1 onto a second HD and try it out. I think to myself, "Hey, I'll try the upgrade adviser and see if it does indeed work and show me what I need to know.". I'm also thinking that I should run it on the new customer system I'm building to ensure the PC meets the requirements to be classed as "Windows Vista Ready".

So what happens? I install the adviser on both my personal desktop and the brand new system. 3 hours later it's still scanning. Somehow I don't think that that is correct.

Anyone else had this experience? How are general users going to be able to tell if their system is Vista ready if it doesn't work all the time. I mean it should at least give me some response within this time period, but no... It does nothing but inform me of the various flavours of Vista and shows a pretty green bar zooming across the screen. It's like watching grass grow. Shame on you MS.

Oh and yes, both systems are legit Windows XP systems with all current drivers and what not from around the web.

Hmmm... as a matter of fact, I remember the same thing happening for the adviser for beta2 on my laptop at the time.

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Sorry to say

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Vista Upgrade Advisor RC ...

it worked for me in minutes.

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me too

by CG IT In reply to Vista Upgrade Advisor RC ...

only took about 2 minutes to scan mine.

The problem with Vista is that drivers aren't available for most printers, scanners, and whatever else users have. Nero won't work. Anything that requires kernel mode won't work. There are some other issues with user account control in a domain environment in an inplace upgrade. With XP Pro to Vista upgrade not clean install, the domain netlogin scripting invokes user account control action on the users part. Also older versions of MYSQL won't work and moving to Desktop SQL 2005 is required. Microsoft Small Business Accounting software breaks because it uses MYSQL when you load up Vista.

All in all, moving to Vista is going to be painful for most right out of the gate unless drivers for all the old printers, scanners and some applications like Nero become immediately available.

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Did not work for me

by JamesFAZ In reply to me too

I tried it on a relatively clean XP SP2 Pro install. The only peripheral was an HP ink jet printer. I let it sit for about 5 minutes two times, then gave up. I installed Vista with out a problem, it found all my hardware on my HP ZV6000 laptop, now software, that's a whole other story!

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Vista Upgrade Advisor for my Network

by ben.rattigan In reply to me too

Is there a version of Vista Upgrade Advisor I can run across my network? Can I get a report from it?

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