Vista using 100% cpu??

By davyoo ·
Hi Guys

my mums laptop is running at 100% cpu even though no programs are running. checked the processes and there were a lot of svchost processes running, closed them down but still the same, started a malware scan on the laptop in the hope that might help, as it looks like a virus to me the physical ram is 2gb installed on the machine, anybody out there got anymore ideas on what it could be??

as always thank you

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when checking processes

by .Martin. In reply to Vista using 100% cpu??

did you select to 'show processes from all users'

note: System Idle Process should take up 90+%, and don't try to close it

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Do you have an HP AIO?

by davidt In reply to when checking processes

I've seen this happen with HP's All-In-Ones, also once with a Dell. See is task manager shows DKABERR.exe

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what tool(s) are you using?

by mafergus In reply to Vista using 100% cpu??

YOu may want to try hijack this

If you don't have your own preferred tool. it will tell you what processes are running and you can find out if any are suspicious.

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This is a bit of a stretch...

by Ninja Rabbi In reply to Vista using 100% cpu??

Have you recently loaded any new devices, upgraded to a more recent version of an application, or added new resources? If so, try to disable or uninstall these devices, one by one, to see if that makes a difference. I am thinking there may be an IRQ incompatability issue, which would cause the CPU to thrash.

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