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Vista Visions

By Neil Higgins ·
As far as I understand it Windows Vista,due late 2006,will make it harder for hackers/pirates to "steal" copy protected media files.
So for instance,as you watch a DVD movie on your pc monitor (just humour me on this one),it will be impossible to ahum,copy it illegally onto a DVD-R disc,or send a billion copies over the net to your "friends".However,as non of us would ever do that,Vista might even make it difficult for the data code (picture-sound) to reach your monitor in the first place?.The worst case senario is that Vista might disallow you from watching it via your monitor at all.Even trying to download "legally bought" copies of music tracks from the web-to hard drive-to music player could prove difficult as far as I understand it.I'm all for anti-piracy,illegal copying protection,but if the media in question goes awol,or refuses to work,what's the point of buying Vista? Or am I just confused on this issue.

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Code name:"Freeze Dry"

by Neil Higgins In reply to Vista Visions

Continuing with Vista,the next Windows OS,it will contain "Freeze Dry" (code name),meaning that once patches,tools,have been installed,no reboot is necessary.Since June,Windows update,now Microsoft update,means that in the future noone will have to trawl through the Microsoft site to find what they want.Read more at:

Odd code name.I suppose if it had been for XP,the code name could have been "Slow thaw",meaning,once you reboot,your data simply melts away,fails to install properly,or is impossible to find.

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more on freeze dry

by master3bs In reply to Code name:"Freeze Dry"

I wrote about this too. I like the concept, but I fear the potential problems it could produce:

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