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By LowRyda ·
Hi I am working on job for a client (on a vista box) and I am in need of assistance.
Have a profile called win98 that when users log on to this profile a vmware workstation is launched automatically with win98 installed. When the users shutdown the virtual machine I would like the profile to be logged off immediately. Also the users shouldnt have access to any other items within the profile.

So I have used a combination of Parental Controls (to restrict users accessing other applications) and a batch file ( that launches the virtual machine)

The contents of the batch are similar to below:

"C:\Program files\Vmware\Vmware Workstation\Vmrun" -T ws start "C:\win98image.vmx"

The problem I am working on at the moment is forcing a logoff when the Vmware workstation is shutdown.

I have tried adding a line to the batch file as follows:


The problem with this parameter being that vista will launch the workstation but then attempt to logoff immediately.

Can anyone offer any assistance or perhaps suggest a better method if they have performed a similar action?

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It's rough but it maybe a workarond

by Jacky Howe In reply to Vista vmware profile

let us know how it goes.

This will open up a DOS box that will be visible on the Taskbar and when the first instance is closed the second instance will then run. When the second instance is closed the user will be logged off. Copy the contents into a batch file.EG:


"C:\Program files\Vmware\Vmware Workstation\Vmrun" -T ws start "C:\win98image.vmx"

"C:\Program files\Vmware\Vmware Workstation\Vmrun" -T ws start "C:\win98image.vmx"



you could also try this

"C:\Program files\Vmware\Vmware Workstation\Vmrun" -T ws start C:\win98image.vmx


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Thanks but same result

by LowRyda In reply to It's rough but it maybe a ...

Hi Attempted both and the logoff occurs prior to closing the workstation.

Thanks for your replying.

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This works

by LowRyda In reply to Vista vmware profile

"C:\Program Files\VMware\Vmware Workstation\vmware.exe -X "C:\Win98image.vmx"


The above placed in a batch file automatically logs off after the workstation is closed.

The workstation has to be manually closed when the image is shutdown. Ideally I would like vmware to close down when I shutdown the image but i think this will do for now.

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If you want to shut

by Jacky Howe In reply to This works

down the workstation. Replace your logoff with this.

shutdown.exe /s /t 000

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