Vista vs Win 7

By traceyt509 ·
My company currently runs desktops and laptops using XP but new hardware buys are only available in Vista or Win 7 so they are changing over to Vista. I queried the change to Vista when Win 7 is available and received the following response "The good news is that Vista is better and more reliable than ever. Independent tests have demonstrated that there is little difference in performance or reliability between Vista and Windows 7. In fact, Microsoft Office has been shown to run faster on Vista than Windows 7". I don't know who carried out the 'Independent tests' but can anybody agree with the above statements or point me in the direction of any evidence that says the above is correct or incorrect. Many thanks, Tracey

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Windows 7 (and XP) vs Vista

by Midspeck In reply to Vista vs Win 7

I don't really have much evidence to provide for you. They should really be able to provide you the "independent test" results.
You could also point out that Windows 7 Pro includes "XP Mode" for whatever software you have that MUST have Windows XP. Vista doesn't have this.
In my mind, if you have to upgrade anyway, why go for software that was released in 2006 (Vista) when you could have the new release?

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If you want faster installs then stay away from Vista...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Vista vs Win 7

Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate should be your route for small businesses, it is faster to install and has less updates than Vista.
You can run software in 32 bit mode under Windows 7 64 bit. Since Vista is not going to be around for very long your best route would be Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate. The new office that will be out soon (office 2010 version) should run nicely on Windows 7.
At the moment i am testing out the new office suite (2010 version) and so far there are no problems. The office suite is also stable. Though keep in mind that on the 64 bit version of Windows, more memory is better.
Hope this helps you out a little.

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