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Vista, What Ever Happened to XP Pro ??????

By Aaron A Baker ·
Dear Friends;
At the risk of seeming ungracious, I must ask.
What ever happened to XPPro and Home?
All we hear about now from you people is Vista, Vista, Vista this and Vista That.
Vista is the new kid on the block and as a Beta tester I'm not at all impressed.
I'm even Less impressed with the fact that we seem to have our nose right up the Vista butt to the point that we forgot the millions including me who use XPPro and will continue for many years to come.
Please try to share equal time.
Then it would be worthwhile all over again.
I don't need to be informed on what I already know.
Thank you.
No Offense Meant.

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XP all but died

by w2ktechman In reply to Vista, What Ever Happen ...

JK -- it seems it, walk into Fry's, CompUSA, Micro Center, etc., etc..
Or go to Dell, HP, e-machines, etc. websites and try and order a new system with XP.

I even sent an email to HP support asking if I could get an option for XP Media Center Ed. on a new notebook. It stated 1-day response times, but all I got was a confirmation that I had sent the request. That was last Wed.

But obviously Aaron, I would think that since it is new and full of holes, it would be the most talked about on any tech sites.
Many people wondering what it can do for them and if they should buy it.
I would wait a little while, I am certain that XP posts will start popping up again, as most of us still use XP.
But many of us are forced to learn , use, and test with Vista as well.

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Yeah, but good luck finding a job if you don't know XP or 2003

by Why Me Worry? In reply to XP all but died

as most companies don't give a rat's behind about Vista, nor do they care. They need MCSEs' certified on Windows 2003 and XP because they don't intend on rolling out Vista anytime soon.

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From what I have seen...

by Shaun.G In reply to XP all but died

From what I have seen... I will stay with XP, perhaps go the linux way for my own machine.

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Ditto! I am sick of hearing about Vista too

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Vista, What Ever Happen ...

Like you, I also played with the Beta and my opinion is that it's a resource hungry dog and not ready for the corporate world. The people here yaking so much about Vista were the same bunch of sorry fools that slept in front of Circuit City and Best Buy just to be the first to get their hands on a new PS3, simply because it was "new". These were the same fools who rushed to buy XP as soon as it was on the store shelves. MS loves these people and apparently, MS is doing is good job of marketing to such mindless drones because they keep repeating this same behavior as soon as Vista hit the store shelves. 5 Years from now when Windows 2012 or so comes out, you will see this same bunch of zombies rushing out to buy it, as if the grief they have had with installing Vista wasn't enough for them. People, at least wait until Vista SP1 or Vista R2 comes out before rushing into a new OS build. These amateurs really show their true colors...don't they?

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Sorry, Double Post

by dawgit In reply to Ditto! I am sick of hear ...

it moved, sorry. -d

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Ditto! I am sick of Why Me Worry?

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Ditto! I am sick of hear ...

I have not seen a post yet where you are not moaning or complaining about some thing or another. Listen, Windows 2012 - don't worry about it (ho-ho). I doubt (the way you are going) you will be around to see it. Hope you are around as I never wish physical harm on others...but reading your posts a coronary is on the way.

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Although i agree about vista...

by Zen37 In reply to Ditto! I am sick of hear ...

...if it wasn't for those early users, we wouldn't get the SP1 and SP2.

They are the ones who discover the bugs, the security holes and the like. There nothing more than a user to punch hole in what you think is a perfect system.

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While you are right

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Although i agree about vi ...

Why do they have to come here to ask the Vista Questions? It's hard enough keeping up with all the new problems introduced to XP with IE7 and the like.

We don't need to attempt to answer questions that we know very little about when M$ is available and should be the ones answering the questions and helping to write new software or Service Packs to be applied.

Just look in the Q & A Section and you'll find heaps of Vista Related Questions most of which are just plain silly like one asked within the last few hours of Why Doesn't Vista Basic have a Backup Utility and what is the work around without buying Ultimate?

How do you remain polite and still try to answer something like that? :_|


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Sorry, Wrong Contenent...

by dawgit In reply to Vista, What Ever Happen ...

It's alive and well here in Germany, as well as in the rest of Europe from what I hear. And from what I've seen Vista is NOT leaving the stores. (and here XP is still being sold)
I don't know of, nor have I heard of any business going to Vista. The consumers here will only find it & use it, only if it is already installed on the box they might buy.
So far it seems Dell is the only one pushing it pre-loaded, with no other choice. (Dell is not big, or doing well here anyway- lousy, unacptable service)
I think XP will be around for a while. We'll just have to put up with Vista Jokes for some time. -d
added note:
in addition to XP and Win2003/server skills, Unix/Linux system skills are in High demand here.

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Personally I just love all the questions about Vista

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vista, What Ever Happen ...

That are currently appearing in the Q & A Section. Like I need to Dual Boot my Computer as Mom needs a stable computer to work off so she needs XP and I want to use Vista as I'm young, Dumb and lack any brains.

From what I've seen in the retail stores here Vista isn't rushing out the doors and even the computers that come with it preloaded are not selling the XP ones are the ones moving.

The Wholesalers are still selling XP and only carry small amounts of Vista and even then most are selling the XP with the Vista Upgrade Option.

From what I've seen it's all the young kids who are the ones rushing out to buy Vista and then asking why it Don't Work Right! Reminds me of last years desk calender MICROSOFT = Most Intelligent Customers Realise Our Software Only Fools Teenagers.

Personally I bought a Volume License copy of 5 units of Vista when it was first released sometime in November and besides attempting to install it on 1 computer I've not bothered with it much since. There are just currently too many problems related to it to make it a workable platform but then again I don't need Direct X 10 as I don't play games but from what I've seen of the currently available Games there are not yet any that make use of this technology. :^0

Maybe within the next year I'll actually get around to Activating one of those 5 Licenses that I've bought. Currently it hasn't happened as the system that I initially installed it on got wiped and had XP Pro loaded to test a 2003 R2 SBS install that went out just prior to News Years Day.


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