Vista Windows Defender missing from Program menu

By Healer ·
I can't find the Windows Defender anywhere in the Program menu. Search result brings up nothing. The last time I got it up from the Help and Support.

The computer at present exhibits virus and spyware problem. I am not too sure if the phenomenon is caused by some settings that I have missed or the viruses is wreaking havoc.

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post deleted

by PurpleSkys In reply to Vista Windows Defender mi ...
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try looking

by PurpleSkys In reply to Vista Windows Defender mi ...

in your Control Panel...I'm not 100% sure if it's the same place as it is in win7 or not, but that's where I find it in 7 vista may be similar

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Found in the Control Panel but not in the Program menu?

by Healer In reply to try looking

In the control Panel I can see it but definitely not in the program menu. It used to be there. I have two Windows Vista systems. The other Windows Vista system does have the Windows Defender option available in the program menu as well.

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not sure what to tell you

by PurpleSkys In reply to Found in the Control Pane ...

but you at least found it in control panel

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Thanks ..

by Healer In reply to not sure what to tell you

for all the help!

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Perhaps it was PUT there ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Found in the Control Pane ...

In which case, on this other Vista system, why don't you simply put a link to Windows Defender into your Programs listing within the menu? :)

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Thanks for your advice.

by Healer In reply to Perhaps it was PUT there ...

I was curious what caused the item missing from the menu. Could it be some setting I have mucked up or the virus did it? That particular computer exhibits virus problem. I have posted messages on waiting for the help for clearing the virus. They have told me not to tamper with the computer at present until they tell us what to do. Failing that I will have to reinstall the operating system.

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May I suggest

by SKDTech In reply to Thanks for your advice.

Malwarebytes - full scan
Spybot S&amp - Full scan and immunization
Avast home 4.8(Free)- update definitions after install and run a boot time scan when it asks you

These three programs are all free and have saved me much grief

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Is free edition Avast better than AVG?

by Healer In reply to May I suggest

I have run all sort of antispyware programs including the two you suggested. They all failed with error message to update the virus definition. I have the AVG running. The update works fine but it is unable to remove the virus. I am thinking of wiping the hard disk and reinstalling the hard drive this weekend.

By the way do you think the free edition Avast is better than AVG in terms of fighting viruses and spywares?

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In my experience and opinion

by SKDTech In reply to Is free edition Avast bet ...

Avast Home(Free) is a better AV than AVG 8.5 Free.

If your system is as damaged as you are reporting than I would definitely recommend that you do a clean reinstall. When you do make sure the first things you do before connecting it to the net is install your AV program. After connecting it to the net update your virus definitions and get all windows updates before you ever open a browser.

My antimalware setup consists of Avast, Malwarebytes and Spybot S&amp installed locally and ClamAV portable on a thumbdrive.

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