Vista with thumb drives or external hard drives

By sjstaines ·
I cannot get Vista to recognise thumb drives or external hard drives.
USB in Device Manager is fine.

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With anything Vista you really only have 3 options

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vista with thumb drives o ...

1 Call the supplier of the Hardware if it was OEM and ask for Technical Support and ask if they have a solution to the problem.

2 Post a question to the Windows Vista Community here

3 Ring M$ and pay for Technical Support unless you have a Retail Copy of Vista in which case M$ has to provide Technical Support Free.

But I would tend to think that most of the problems are related to the Security Built into Vista which attempt to secure the system down and not allow any what look to the OS like HDD's that the system has not formatted to connect and be readable. But having said that it also depends on the version of Vista and the format of the Items that you are attempting to connect.


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This is what I found at Microsoft support site

by jrosborne In reply to With anything Vista you r ...

I've been experiencing the same problem with usb storage devices for the last few weeks and have visited numerous forums discussing it. After having no joy I decided to take a look around my system folders and have now got these devices working again. While looking around I discovered 2 points of interest:

1. In C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository I had two folders named "usbstor.inf" but each one had a different set of numbers attached to the end of the folder name. - could this be where part of the problem lies?
2. When i looked in my C:\Windows\inf folder i discovered the usbstor.inf and usb stor.pnf files were missing - this definitely had to be an issue.

Once I discovered these anomalies, I proceeded to copy the pnf and inf files from the most recently updated usbstor.inf folder to C:\Windows\inf. I then went back to the update driver wizard, pointed to the inf folder and what do you know but they all started working again.

Re: New USB Devices not recognized in Vista
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This is the solution to the issue being mentioned in this forum:

Delete the INFCACHE.1 file from the Windows/inf/ folder.

There is even a need to reboot. Everything will work fine after that.

This file sometimes gets corrupted.

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Delete the INFCACHE.1 question

by midas77 In reply to This is what I found at M ...

Hello. Thanks for the help. I tried to delete this INFCACHE.1 and vista home basic told me I need permission. I click ok but it keeps asking me for permission. Thus I don't have permission and I can't delete it. But I am the master and commander of my laptop, so why don't I have permission, and how can I get said permission? Please & thanks in advance. MC

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There is a difference between user account and Administrator

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Delete the INFCACHE.1 que ...

It is asking you for Administrator permission. Your user account may be the only one on the system, but it is NOT the master and commander. You must provide the Administrator credentials when asked, or it won't let you do it.

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