Vista won't reinstall.

By ericamden ·
I got an annoying virus called Personal Virus Protection. I tried everything to remove it but it didn't work. It kept on stopping my wireless host service, mess up the driver of ethernet card and mess up the drive "D" of my computer. I have a Dell Inspiron and when I tried to reinstall the Windows it won't reinstall and got an error message saying there's not enough space for temporary files. That's my drive D but my C drive is still fine but it won't reinstall on C drive. I downloaded Spydoctor and was able to install the anti virus but it won't work unless there's an intenet connection. The software wants to download an update before I can use it. Is there any trick on how to reinstall Vista without buying the full version OS which I think is the last recourse.

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What do you mean by?

by patb071 In reply to Vista won't reinstall.

Is there any trick on how to reinstall Vista without buying the full version OS which I think is the last recourse.

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It will be easier if you bought the Full version of Vista...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Vista won't reinstall.

But to really install it you will need "killdisk" to wipe your drive, So i hope you have backed up your work because there is no going back after this....
Killdisk, download here:
Burn it to a Floppy or CD, but please choose the correct version, there are: Floppy and ISO versions. ISO is for cd..
Place in the disk (floppy or cd) and make sure that the device you are/want to boot from is choosen in the BIOS under "Boot".
When all is done then just read the "Help me" files, when you are ready just press the "F10" button and read the instructions. This will take around (or near to) four hours to do. When done then you can load on your Windows Vista operating system. There is another way, you can download Ubuntu:
and burn to cd and install this, this will over write your operating system with Linux, when done and Booted, place in your Windows cd and install.
Hope all goes well. :)

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Just get rid of it

by Kenone In reply to Vista won't reinstall.

Download Malwarebytes copy it onto your machine and run it. has it among other sites. You might have to rename the executable in order to run it, there are all sorts of instructions out there. And don't go on the internet without protection.

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