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Vista / XP and video cards

By butkus ·
Last year my W2K PC corrupted. I tried and stuck with Vista Business on a new MB (Dual C2 2.0 and new separate video card with 512K) and it was OK. Vista Performance gave the video a 1.2 rating, 4+ on all other. I did all the changes to make it faster including SP1. Video still at 1.1.
I happen to change the APG Aperture setting to the highest (256M) since I assume that has to do with any internal video card.
Zikes ! I now have a speedy Vista with a 5.0 video performance reading.
I made that change to two other XP computers (APG Aperture) and the overall performance has a noticable improvement, with separate video cards, then before with min. settings.
Am I wrong and the BIOS APG Aperture should be set high even with separate video cards ?

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No you are not wrong

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista / XP and video card ...

You should set this as high as the BIOS allows for faster Video Performance. This setting is available on M'Boards without Video Cards built in and has the same effect there as well.


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APG Aperture size

by butkus In reply to No you are not wrong

Yea, but that eats at my main 2 Gb memory. Why did I get a 512M memory card to have 256M (the most my APG size will allow) eaten for video. In my two other PCs with separate video cards, the memory was also decreased. Sounds silly to still have less memory available for programs with a video card with huge memory sitting on it. I thought that was the main reason to get a separate video card.

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Repeating stuff I read elsewhere

by Slayer_ In reply to Vista / XP and video card ...

I head read about tests for this, what they said was 64mb was optimal.

Also that it only makes a difference on AGP cards, not on PCI or PCI-E cards.

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