Vista-XP Networking Problem

By Lady_Zyanya ·
At my office we have our main computer which is XP (has the printer hooked to it) and a new computer running Vista. We have a network through a lynksis router. The XP is hooked by a cord and the Vista is hook to it wirelessly. The main computer isn't having any problems but the Vista is. Through the network I can get the Vista on the internet but it wont recognize that the XP is there to share files with and it wont let me use the printer (which is set to share).

I have went in to each computer and made sure that the network is named the same since the default names aren't.

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Same exact problem!

by william.avila In reply to Vista-XP Networking Probl ...

Your post exactly matches my setup. I am responding to see if you have found a solution to this problem yet. I am having two problems. One is XP was not recognizing vista, but on the vista's network map, vista was recognizing the XP but I was not able to access the shared files. I fixed the problem yesterday by changing my firewall settings. Now I can access the shared folders on both computers. Once I fixed this problem, I tried to connect to the printer that is connected to the XP. I am able to open the printer, but when I try to connect to it it says "Windows is not able to connect to this printer" due to security restrictions. The printer is set to share.

So, have you figured out the problem? Let me know.

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Printer drivers....

by DaveDXB In reply to Vista-XP Networking Probl ...

Well, i dont know about the file sharing might want to check the PERMISSIONS on the shared folder on the XP pc and make sure you give access to other people to browse it....

Anyways...for the printer, you will have to get the VISTA DRIVERS version of that printer. Because its installed on an XP will not be able to share it with any other computer but XP computers. Soooooo...go to your printers website...."support&downloads" and download the vISTA drivers for it.

Then go onto your vista computer. manually add a printer.....choose "have disk" and point to your vista will that the vista printers dirvers are installled....deleted the printer icon you just made in "printers and faxes" and try to connect again to the printer on the XP machine....when you connect...your vista computer will automatically use the vista drivers u just installed earlier for your printer...hence..printer works now.

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Same exact problem.

by stlmo10 In reply to Vista-XP Networking Probl ...

My computers (desktop XP and notebook Vista) can finally see each other on the network map, but can only share an internet connection, not able to see each others drives or the printer that is shared by the XP.

It is an internet-sharing-only connection. Not fully functional as a network. One message says that IPv6 connectivity is 'Limited'.

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I have the opposit problem

by smg06247 In reply to Vista-XP Networking Probl ...

My laptop is using Vista home premium, but my desktop(hooked up through a wired router) uses xp. from my vista machine, I can see all the drives on the desktop through the network, but from the desktop, I can not see the laptop files.

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Vista Home Premium does not support networking

by skhasibm In reply to I have the opposit proble ...

You might have to think about upgrading at least to a Vista Business to network your computers. Still I am having problem with networking my XP pro PCs with vista. Vista can see them but can't access to the XP pcs. I haven't played with the firewall yet.

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