Vista/XP VPN issue?

By powster2k7 ·
Good Evening to one and all,

Hope you guys can help me shed somme light on my current situation.

i am having poblems connecting to my VPN host from the remote site. The problem seems to be only affecting vista/XP machines. i have a windows 7 client and they have no problems connecting to our vpn host. Please see below for site details:

VPN Host: Server 2003 accepting incoming VPN RRAS configure

Remote Site: Server 2003 RRAS configured
Remote Site Clients: Vista/XP/windows 7.

The issue: XP/Vista clients vpn connection hang on verifying username and password. The vista client has to redial a few times and it will eventuallly connnect.

The access point: 2wire 2700 Bt supplied router

Routing is handled by the server 2003 at our remote site.

I would be grateful if someone is able to explain the reasons why the XP/Vista clients are struggling to authenticate but the windows 7 does not have a problem.

Another point to note is that our VPN Host is also a domain controller.

Any thoughts or opinions will be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


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Still No Luck

by powster2k7 In reply to Vista/XP VPN issue?

Hey Guys,

Any change someone can have a look at this and advise

Thanks in advance,


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just a thought

by mr_m_sween In reply to Still No Luck

But I think the client VPN might be misconfigured. I noticed that Win 7 and Vista will troubleshoot their own connections and try different connection types if they initially fail. Win 7 seems quite adept at this. I dont think XP does this very well. You may want to connect on Windows 7 and take note of the connection types and what not. If your XP connection is trying to authenticate automatically it may be whats failing.
Also you can check the VPN logs on the server to see if it records any odd occurance when the XP connection attempts.

good luck and happy hunting

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Vista connects

by powster2k7 In reply to just a thought

Thanks for the reply.

I don't think this is the issue I am afraid. Due to the fact that a direct connection to the router fails as well. I very much think this is ISP related. I am having no luck with the them checking this out. I am not really sure where I go from here on this one

I am open to any further suuggestions



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what type of VPN connection ?

by CG IT In reply to Vista connects

Unless the European ISPs limit certain types of data traffic on their internet, which I doubt, but one never knows, I don't think it's your ISP.

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Windows VPN Client

by powster2k7 In reply to what type of VPN connecti ...

It is a simple windows client vpn that is in use.

What has left me puzzled is the fact that the VPN works when we try to connect from another location thats outwith our internal LAN.

I am very puzzled by this, also I am sure there is not an issue at our side or host side. Due to the fact that when i connect any vpn client directly to the router it still struggles to connect.

The most puzzling part about this is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.

It is indeed not following any form of logic at all.

Thanks for the feedback tho guys.

I have BT looking at this as we speak but I am not holding out any hope on this.

Any further suggestions will be welcomed.

Kind Regards,


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