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Vista's new boot system

By thephpdeveloper ·
Do you know that Vista introduced us with a brand new boot management and bootsector?
But this new boot system does not work on every computer. Also some computers i have tested Vista on, about 2 out of 5 computers i tested, says that there is a Disk Error. This can be fixed via your OS's system recovery console's FIXBOOT command(Eg. Windows XP System Recovery Console's FIXBOOT command).

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This is just a Vista feature to make you buy

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Vista's new boot system

the latest and best hard drives, that's all.

Every Windows system has been getting more and more of these style features to force hardware upgrades. ]:)

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Vista features

by thephpdeveloper In reply to This is just a Vista feat ...

yeah, one of it is the Vista Aero Glass Style which requires a Video card that supports Aphla Blending. It also need a 2GB RAM for a gamer using Vista. It is also said that Vista takes up to 16GB of Harddrive space(a quick fact: Windows XP only takes up to 4GB) which is 4x of what Windows XP takes up.

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Disk Space Required By Vista

by Seaghost In reply to Vista features

I have a dual boot system, two seperate Hard Drives, and Vista, with Office 2007, only uses 12.6GB

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"Only" 12.7 GB of HD space

by Jim Babay In reply to Disk Space Required By Vi ...

The MS recommended free HD space is 15 GB. XP was 1.5 GB. W98 was 40 MB.
With each growth in program there needs to be a corresponding growth in computing "horsepower" in order to process such a large program.
My opinion is that Windows easily meets the definition of bloatware. At least it ends my wondering how computer users will ever fill their terabyte sized hard drives.

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M$ taking advantage

by thephpdeveloper In reply to "Only" 12.7 GB of HD spac ...

M$ is taking advantage of the new hardwares in the market and make it's OS bigger on each release. That 15GB is only the beginning. If later on including the updates and all the other required components, it might take up more space.

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Vista Components

by thephpdeveloper In reply to Disk Space Required By Vi ...

Like XP, Vista also have optional Components too.

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vista server

by justindev In reply to Vista's new boot system

do you know the microsoft as release the windows vista server

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