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By amandahort ·
I have to make this program and I can't figure out how. These are the requirements:
Create a speak application that allows the user to build a string by clicking buttons on the interface. When the string is complete, the user can then click Speak to hear the string as a spoken phrase.
I have to use 6 wav files called Cat, Dog, Fluffy, I, See, The, Is, Walk. They are in the My.Resources folder. I don't know how to get it so the wav files will play when you press speak, instead of the word buttons.

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I would suggest that you....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Visual Basic 2005 Program ...

READ the study materials provided with your homework assignment. And, if that fails, ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR.

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There are lots of ways to that.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Visual Basic 2005 Program ...

If after button have been pressed the string is "I See Fluffy"

Then you split that in to an Array.
Pass the srray to speak. It looks at the array, finds the wav that matches the word and plays it.

Or you could build the array from the buttons and then build a string from teh array.

Or you coulds build an array of wavs and the string in parallel.

Each has there advantages, just depends on likely enhancements. For instance adding more 'words', having the sentence un capitalised, being able to edit it....

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