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01/30/2004 VB TechMail

by cedpm In reply to Visual Basic Forum

For those wishing to learn more about using LoadResData in a resource file to play a WAV file, an excellent article details how to accomplish this.

Perform a Google search on the term "RS21980" and looked at the CACHED result with the title "How to store/retrieve .wav files in .res files." If you click on the active link to the site (and not the cached link), you will receive numerous pop-up ads but no article. (It seems the web site is no longer available.)

I tested the instructions in the article and it works great.

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Updated Article Link

by cedpm In reply to 01/30/2004 VB TechMail

If the article cannot be found as a cached document, try using the following URL:

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Member question

by MaryWeilage Editor In reply to Visual Basic Forum

Note from the editor: I received the following question from a VB6 application programmer. Please post to this discussion if you have any suggestions. Thank you!

"I want to make a software that is relating to Internet Explorer. Where I am creating a form by using 2 text box for one is login and another is passward and a Command Tool named Ok in a vb form. Here if user gives his/her userid and passward of any search engine like,,, etc. etc. and when he/she press ok button then user got his/her output same as inbox mail and he/she the read their incoming mail. Please offer me some code suggestions. Thank you"

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by Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) In reply to Member question

Unfortunately, that question reads much like other, more formal specifications that I've read. After reading it, and re-reading it, I'm not sure what the spec is.

It *appears* that the developer wants to create an application that produces a false login screeen - and captures the users' login info for other sites. That would be exeptionally unethical and probably illegal.

It would, however, be very simple to do... so the answer to the question is to start learning how to program GUI's with VB.

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