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    Visual Basic Script not working with Windows 2003 Script??!!


    by dmciver ·

    I am trying to run a Visual Basic Script. The parent script hosting script calls my that executes script after script. Well after doing updates, I am getting file handle error and not enough storage space error. My error in the file handle is calling line 182. The following is the script

    If oX.FileExists(“MAIL.vbs”) Then
    ‘ hack hack – Win2003 returns Handle is invalid, make
    ‘ a new shell object and use the run on that
    WScript.sleep 3000

    Set oWShellHack = CreateObject(“”)
    oWShellHack.Run “s:\d\p_in\MAIL.vbs”,2,1
    Set oLogFile = oFSO.OpenTextFile(LOG_FILE, 8)
    oLogFile.WriteLine(“Mail.vbs was processed.”)
    End If
    This works on all Window 2000 machines. Just not on my 2003 machine. Anyone help?

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