Visual Basic.Net on linux- is it possible

By agile ·
Hi there, I would like to know if it will be possible to install and run 5 or 6 in Linux. If so how what do I need to get or will wine or cedega work.

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Microsoft doesn't make a version of VB for Linux. However, there's a way cool product called "RealBasic" that is probably what you're looking for.

If you already know VB, the learning curve should be just a matter of days.

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by agile In reply to RealBasic
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Grass Hopper

by ian.powell In reply to Visual Basic.Net on linux ...


If your creating a web application then check out grasshopper. It allows you to run .net web apps on linux.

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New alternative KBasic similar to VB

by bernd In reply to Visual Basic.Net on linux ...

I would like to inform you that there is a new possibility for VB developers to port their application to Linux. It is called KBasic and is based on the Qt toolkit widely known. The license of Qt changes to LGPL soon, so there are no license fees for Qt anymore.

Read more:

It is a new programming language related to VB.NET, Visual Basic,
Visual Basic for Application and Java. It combines the best features of those tools and comes with built-in backward support for those tools as it is 100% syntax compatible to VB, VBA and QBasic.

Additionally, it comes with support for VB.NET syntax, functions and
similar objects and classes.

KBasic is an open source project backed by years of continual
development. It allows developers with an installed base of VB
applications to start developing for Linux.

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