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I have recently started programming in VISUAL C# EXPRESS and I wanted to know if there is a list of terms with actions that I can use for reference, I realy want to learn programming and have a great respect for all of you out there that have made my computer life awesome!!
Is there a mentor out there willing to help someone?

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That's backwards

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to VISUAL C# 2008 EXPRESS

C# (and .net) is how you express yourself. That's like asking for a dictionary in order to write a story. You need a project, may be something well understood like an address book, or wire frame drawing, or a database query tool. Start simple, make it better add functions, rework in light of what you have learnt go again, or pick something new and apply what you've learnt.

When you know waht you want to say, then you can look for how 'best' to say it.

However that said may be you might learn more by attempting to use language fetaures, who knows. You might find this site useful.

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