Visual C & NET Framework

By KrispyKiez ·
I use Win7 Pro 64bit

a) I run mostly audio DAW & VSTs, it's my primary use for this machine

b) If I have 2008 c++ installed, and NET Framework 3.51 installed.

c) Is it necessary to keep previous versions like 2005 C++ installed or Framework 1.1?

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RE: Is it necessary to keep previous versions like 2005 C installed or

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Visual C & NET Framewor ...

Well I'm not even sure that the older C Compilers will actually run on 7. I somehow don't think that they will actually install or work though.

As for .Net as different versions do different things I would tend to say that you have to install what is available for your OS. I don't currently have a 7 System running here so I'm not exactly sure what was installed by default and I can't look easily.

But what problem are you having here?

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Only if you use them...

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Visual C & NET Framewor ...

2005 C++ should make no difference. .net 1.1 might but only for code that depends on it.

Only real way to find out if you don't know, is to uninstall and see what happens. Do a full back up before you do though. Me I'd be real wary of doing something like this. I'd rather rebuild the machine without than try f'ing with an existing one. MS have been known to get that sort of thing wrong...

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