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Visual FoxPro as a front end tool

By sasif ·
We are in negotiation with a consultant who intends to use Microsoft's SQL Server as the back end and Visual FoxPro as the front end for developing a customized application on our NT 4.0 LAN for our organization. I would like to get a feedback aboutthe usage of Visual FoxPro as a development tool. Some of my peers have expressed their fears that by using Visual FoxPro we would be embarking upon an "outdated" technology track. Please advise.

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Visual FoxPro as Front End

by sri_sanand In reply to Visual FoxPro as a front ...

Unless there is some factor, economical or technical that makes Visual Foxpro exclusive for your need, i don't recommend it.
Visual Basic is much more Powerful & Versatile.

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Visual FoxPro as a Front End

by pluto66 In reply to Visual FoxPro as Front En ...

I've done large scale systems with VFP5/6 and for the last three years have been using VB exclusively for large-scale multi-tier systems and hands-down you get more bang for your buck with VB. There's tons more support for this product that VFP - steer clear is my advice.

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VFP vs VB as a front-end tool

by brian.kiser In reply to Visual FoxPro as a Front ...

I've been a FoxPro/Visual FoxPro developer since 1992, including front-end work with SQL Server. I've used VB only briefly, for a 6-month period. My opinion is that VFP outperforms VB in all database-related activities, and also has some other development advantages, such as more flexible grids. VFP is also fully object-oriented, and VB is not. VB does not have inheritance, although I've heard it will in version 7.

Both VFP and VB have full ADO capabilities. VB developers can create Active X components, while VFP developers cannot. They can, however, use Active X components created in other languages.

Performance-wise, VFP is the clear winner in my book. VB does have more support, as there are more VB developers/projects out there.

VFP is not antequated quite yet, as it's still part of the Visual Studio and is every bit as up to date as VB or VC++. Many developers are not familar enough with FoxPro to be comfortable using it, as thus tend to dismiss it as a "lesser" language. This is a mistake. It's the best kept secret in programming, in my opinion.


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VFP vs VB as a Front-End tool

by Zylot In reply to VFP vs VB as a front-end ...

Brian is dead center with his reply. Being quite apt at both VFP, VC++ and VB for a number of years, I use both to resolve problems.
Most any solutions involving a database, VFP is the clear choice for the front-end. VB and VC++ is great for making the tools and gadgets (Actve-X Conrtols and DLLs and such) that I use in the VFP projects. Anyone not in favor of using VFP, especially for a SQL7 database, either has a clear misunderstanding of the power of VFP, or has never used VFP.
Integration of the various tools and third party products available for the VFP developer, further enhance its' power and flexibility. There are very few front-end tasks I can think of where VFP would not be the best solution. IMHO, I concur with Brian about VFP being the best kept secret in programming. It'll be around for a long time.


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Why do you care what tool.

by jeff In reply to VFP vs VB as a Front-End ...

I'm sorry, but you are asking the totally wrong question.
Has this person done work for you in the past?
Was the work completed on time and to your satisfation?
Was this person recommended by someone you trust?
If the answer is yes then you should be more concerend with the price vs timeline then what tool a developer wants to use.

Just my 2cents


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VFP as a front end

by jfherring In reply to Visual FoxPro as Front En ...

Whatever. As far as database development goes, VFP easily outranks VB. Plus, if you have looked at Visual Studio 6 or .NET, you'll see that it is not outdated, nor will it ever be.

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Points of Reference

by parker7 In reply to VFP as a front end
Editorial section
Microsoft?s Best-Kept Secret
U. S. Military Secret Weapon ? Visual Foxpro
VFP Success Stories

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I guess you've haven't kept up with VFP

by darrellblackhawk In reply to Visual FoxPro as Front En ...

I know this is an old thread, but, I couldn't help posting to it.

To say VB is more powerful and versatile is to admit ignorance of the facts. ( no insult intended )

I can program circles around anything written in VB inhalf the time.

I do like VB and admit somethings are easier to accomplish - I use it all the time - but the fact remains... Nothing runs like a fox :-)

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Visual FoxPro as Front End

by sygas1000 In reply to Visual FoxPro as Front En ...

Visual Foxpro is the most powerful tool, in fact, is the tool of the "programmers that do it for living" as microsoft says. Think about it as the best combination between Acces and VB; powerful data management and powerful language in one package. In fact, VFP is a real Object oriented language ( VB is not ), and supports HTML,XML,COM+. Soon VFP 8.0 will be shipping! ( Out of date? ) I don't think so.

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And ?? made your choice??

by meerab In reply to Visual FoxPro as a front ...

I was wondering if you already made up your mind about choosing the correct tool??

In my oppinion VFP 6 has a better performance than VB 6. I haven't used the .NET versions, so I'm not very sure about those..

Good luck


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