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    Visual Residue


    by meangenec ·

    I get incomplete refreshing of my monitor screen leaving “residue” from previous activities. How do I correct this?
    I suspect this is a Windows problem as it happened on my old computer, a 486SX and a 14 inch monitor, as well as my current computer, a P3 450 mgHz with a KDS 19 inch Visual Sensations monitor with Matrox graphics. None of my local computer pros seem to be able to solve the problem. The last one suggested it was time to replace the graphics board.
    Help, please.

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      Visual Residue

      by geoffd72 ·

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      It sounds like it is time to open the box and do some Hardware troubleshooting. I do not know what video card you have so I will assume it is a VGA Matrox, maybe a G200 Millennium? This card has caused me many a problem and one being what you have described. Try a cheap PCI card or just replace the AGP card, if the new AGP card gives you the same problem then you know that the MB’s AGP slot is the culprit.

      I believe the exact issue can be associated to video memory.
      Before buying any parts, make sure that you can return them within a few days or that you can use them somewhere else. It is also a good idea to have testing spares anyway.
      Have fun!!!

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