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    Visual Studio & .Net


    by stanl1 ·

    I am a long time Windows user by requirement. Recently I built a Ubuntu box and am trying to learn that environment. I seem to have over come all obstacles except one.

    Writing web pages and code through Visual studio, utilizing .Net 1.x and Visual basic is extremely easy to me and I have been doing so for years. I have a working knowledge of Java script and C# but unfortunately I am best in VB. How do I get Visual Studio to work on Ubuntu or is there a complete environment replacement that will perform all it’s functions.

    Thanks for any help,
    Stan Ralph

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      by stanl1 ·

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      For .net

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      look up the mono project, not tried it myself. Pretty sure it’s not VB, though 😀

      If you managed to get VB and Visual studio working under linux, it would still compile programs you could only run under wine.

      KDevelop is a good start. If you want to do gui stuff under linux and web stuff, have a look at Ruby and Ruby on rails, it won’t take you long to get it and at least things will run native.

      SciTE is an web page editor a couple of ‘nix peers recommend.

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      Mono is the way to go

      by ernonewman ·

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      The Mono Project and Monodevelop are your best bets. Mono now includes a VB compiler so no problems there, but I’m not sure how well the VB bindings hsre developed for Monodevelop. Have a look around those two projects websites though, their very usefull and remember, no cost involved 🙂

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      I would like to understand why you are doing this.

      by davidtristan9 ·

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      You obviously do not want to create Windows apps. Why do you want to use Windows tools? If you want to get away from Windows so much learn the proper tool set for the enviornment you want to live in.

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        by stanl1 ·

        In reply to I would like to understand why you are doing this.

        Because I have several active e-commerce sites that I have developed that generate $mil per year in fees and I don’t have time to relearn a technology and as I am 60 years old I won’t learn it as quick as younger persons. I intend to migrate to Non windows technology, for instance even on my new Vista Laptop I have installed open office and will the laptop exclusively for Visual Studio and Peachtree. My websites are now exclusively Windows IIS and with MS SQL Server. I am using other (Html and prototype ) for my client side and have no trouble with it. The situation is my server side and webservices, which are quite extensive, are all developed in and I have used visual basic ( at which I am quite accomplished.

        I hope this answers your question and thank you for your interest. Please feel free to contact me for further.

        Stan Ralph

        PS: Another indication of things that I can’t by necessity tolerate are as follows: I installed Suse 10.2 on a new computer I just built relying on Novell’s promotion of Mono with an XSP webserver and they advise that the entire package can be installed relatively pain free and with a minimal of expertise. Problem is
        Suse 10.2 won’t install. It encounters an error as follows:
        Error 23: Error While Parsing Number while installing the Grub loader. Again, I don’t have the time to spend on these kind of problems as I have production and maintenance demands that have to be met. I have experimented with Linux for years but always ran into the same problem. 99% of the GREAT work is done but the 1% is what holds back people like me. IF the 1% were completed and reliable then M$ would be put in their rightful place, the scrap heap of history. Again, thanks for your concern.

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          Go Luck and I how you share your success story.

          by davidtristan9 ·

          In reply to Why

          I understand now except that ‘scrap heap’ comment. Actualy I do undestand but I do not personaly agree. I would like to see Linux kick Microsoft in the ass not kick its ass. I am not here to criticize or debate anything. I set up an Ubuntu machine and use a KVM switch between it and my main Windows machine. I have run into the 99/1 problem. If I was a young like when I first taught myself programming I would take a deeper plunge into Linux. I am 55yrs old. I am just now moving from VB6/ASP to .Net. I would rather leverage what I already know instead of starting from ground zero. From what I can see it looks like .Net is Microsoft?s comprehensive response to the Java threat.
          I hope you have good luck in what you are doing.

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          Good Luck and I hope you share your success story

          by davidtristan9 ·

          In reply to Go Luck and I how you share your success story.

          See post above

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          Scrap Heap

          by stanl1 ·

          In reply to Go Luck and I how you share your success story.

          hi David;
          The comment about scrap heap was probably not well advised, but that seems to be my history. I just purchased a new Dell Inspiron E1705 with Vista business as they no longer offer XP. I have had it six days and it has crashed 4 times (explorer and the gadget side bar). It did recover each time, though.

          Then I installed my Visual Studio 2003 and found it not to be compatible with Vista! You see all I want is an OS that works with my programs. It would seem MS could keep their systems compatible……

          Take care,

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