VLAN cant get out

By kevin.m.mccormack ·

I have a level 3 switch that can ping the outside and created a vlan which can only ping the switch interface face out. My Vlan can not get to anything past that. Any comments on what to look at to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.


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ICMP packets

by BFilmFan In reply to VLAN cant get out

Is it letting ICMP packets pass bi-directionally?

If not, that is the reason you can't see a ping response.

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please give more details

by CG IT In reply to VLAN cant get out

if you created a new vlan on your layer 3 router, then assigned ports to that vlan, only those hosts in that vlan can talk to each other. You can have intervlan routing on a layer 3 device by creating subinterfaces [hopefully you have a fast ethernet port] for the vlans and setup intervlan routing between vlans.

for a vlan to get to the internet, you have to provide the vlan a default gateway and DNS server and provide a "path" to the default gateway.

so you need to give more information on your configuration for any of us to give suggestions other than "setup intervlan routing".

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