VLAN configuration - dont hav internet connection

By cny2009 ·
Im fresh IT student to configure a VLAN. Im use the 3com 4500 switch that is L3 switch. I have set 3 VLAN in this switch. The VLAN1(default VLAN) IP interface is and subnet is, V2 and, V3 and The router IP is

The PC in VLAN1,, gateway have internet connection. The other VLAN2 and 3 dont have internet connection even PC gateway is or own VLAN IP interface. Why VLAN2 dont have internet connection? Subnet? ACL? IP routing?

Im noob and no idea for what going on, can anyone guide and any related link for reference? Thx

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sub interface

by beanxyz In reply to VLAN configuration - dont ...

I didn't caculate ur subnet , but I want to know if u configure the sub interface in your router and their related firewall settings.


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trunk port

by CG IT In reply to VLAN configuration - dont ...

if 3Com does their configs like cisco, then you need a trunk port. In Cisco, by default, trunk ports allow all vlans to use it.

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Set trunk between switch and router?

by cny2009 In reply to trunk port

Sorry i dont understand. The 3com 4500 is connected to the router, are you means set the trunk between them? Is the Layer 3 switch able to route packets from VLAN2 and VLAN3 to default VLAN1 to get to the router gateway,

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yep, create a trunk line

by CG IT In reply to Set trunk between switch ...

if 3Com does what Cisco does, than the vlans should all be able to access the trunk line.

note: after that, the router has to route the packets to the default gateway so... have to setup your route tables to do that for multiple vlan subnets. Hopefully the router you have can do that [or layer 3 switch].

Intervlan routing is simply having the route route packets between vlans, not to the default gateway.

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