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    VLAN configuration for access with vnc


    by schelm ·

    We have a watchguard firebox x500 without installed and configured by an external company.
    It is connected to a nortel baystack 450 switch in the default VLAN1.

    Now we have created a second vlan with that has 2 ports (for 2 computers) and they have to be isolated from the network but have to be accessable with vnc over the internet.

    I added the firewall port in vlan 1 and 2.
    Everything works fine for vlan 1. But in vlan2 the computers can only ping each other and nothing more.

    Every port is configured default with untagged access. When I change the firewall port on the switch to tagged trunk, nothing works.

    How do I need to configure the ports for the vlan?
    How do I need to configure the firewall?

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      by schelm ·

      In reply to VLAN configuration for access with vnc


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      default gateway

      by clarkd038 ·

      In reply to VLAN configuration for access with vnc

      If you create to vlans you need to create 2 default gateways on your router in order for it to properly work. You need to use something like

      I believe and then for the second vlan do the same except

      This is because both VLans can not communicate together therefore may not use the same default gateway.

      I cannot remember exactly how to segment your default gateway on the router so you would have to look that up.

      Any other questions post back!!

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        don’t understand

        by schelm ·

        In reply to default gateway

        It’s a layer 2 switch, not a router, and I don’t know what or how you mean with setting a default gateway.

        I think I have to change something to the firewall but I don’t know what exactly

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          by clarkd038 ·

          In reply to don’t understand

          Does the switch get connected to a router?

          Because if it does the second vlan will not be able to be accessed from any other device. Untill the default gateways are set up correctly.

          Except of course other device on the same vlan on the same switch.

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          network plan

          by schelm ·

          In reply to Router

          INTERNET—FIREWALL—SWITCH with vlan 1 (everything except 2 ports) and vlan 2 ( the 2 ports and the firewall port)

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