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    VLAN conflict in cisco switch.


    by mehul_bagadia ·

    In my workplace Vlan-210(IP 172.24.210.X) is created on Cisco 3750 switch, to this L2 access sw’s are connected. to this one of my servers are connected.Users are also connected to this L2.
    At another place im company Same type L2 access switches are connected to different 3750 in which VLAN-205(IP 172.24.205.X) is created.
    This L2 switch(Vlan205) is connected to my previous L2 switch(Vlan210)to access servers there.
    Due to this it is causing My users on 172.24.205.X network to pick up IP of 172.24.210.X. range.
    Suggest the solutions to prevent this.

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